NEW BEGINNINGS! A brand new website and more!

Posted by Aaron Crawford on

Welcome to the brand new CAVITYCOLORS website. We always work hard to bring you a great experience when you come here to support us, but we felt like our old site was missing some vital features that are really important to the customer experience.

So we decided to make a change.

After giving it some thought, we decided to upgrade our entire system and backbone, and provide a new website that would better suit your needs, and in the end, give you a much better experience when you come here to shop :)

Our new website now includes some amazing new features!

 *CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS* - a major upgrade for us.

  1. You can keep your address on file for faster checkout, and even edit if needed.
  2. Check your order status right from your account page
  3. Track your order right from your account!
  4. Just simply hit "register" and create a customer account to make things easier!
  5. And to enhance your experience even more
Please browse and if you have any suggestions or notice any errors, please contact us, we would love the feedback!



As far as merchandise, we also examined some areas where we might be lacking, and a major thing we need is more GIRL items.

Currently, all of our shirts are uni-sex fit, which is great, but we've received countless emails concerning if / when we would ever stock slimmer girly shirts. So yet again, we needed to make that change.

We are planning to add Girl size shirts to most new shirt releases from here forward! (some limited releases vary)

Along with some other unisex items such as beanies, hats, socks, and other accessories!


We always want to continue to grow with YOU, and if that means stepping it up and making these big changes, then we will, because without you, there is no Cavitycolors. You keep us alive with your support and enthusiasm. And we thank you eternally for that!


- Aaron & Ricki,


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