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If you're anything like me, when you think Aliens in movies, you often think of Giger's XENOMORPHS, or even the Predator, or even the image of the Roswell Big headed aliens that crashed in the New Mexico dessert in 1974. But there's an often overlooked Alien species that deserves just as much respect and love as any of those, and that's LORD CRUMB and friends from BAD TASTE!

If you're unfamiliar with Peter Jackson's early career, (yes, the Director of the Lord of the Ring's Movies) His first ever movie was a gem called BAD TASTE, which, to sum it up, is the story of a gang of Aliens who ventured to earth to basically harvest human beings for their fast food industry. The leader of this alien groups is non other than LORD CRUMB, a hilarious looking alien maniac with a giant head!

When I started my DEADLY DESSERT'S series, I basically made it a goal to just paint all of my favorite movie villains and monsters, and turn them into delicious. hilarious looking things that might either make you hungry. or grossed out.

LORD CRUMB is #6 on the list.

He is now available for $15 as a high quality 8x10 giclee print on epson velvet cotton paper ---> http://cavitycolors.com/collections/the-deadly-desserts


Each painting is done in Acrylic on wood panel, and each one becomes an affordable 8 x 10 print, which is awesome, and cheap, and fun, and you can collect them all. I only have 120,096,434 more to go! 



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