HUGE RELEASE on March 12th!

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Good afternoon friendly creeps!

Coming this Thursday, March 12th,

We are releasing some awesome new items inspired by a few of my favorite movies!

First up, we worked with artist Matt Ryan Tobin on a BASKETCASE inspired shirt! And before you say "hey, it doesn't say Basketcase on the design" - That's because we thought it would be fun to use the Cavitycolors name as the title logo, cause it sort of fit, and it serves as a fun homage to the classic Basketcase look from the 80's! We hope you like it!

Supply is limited on these designs, and once they sell out, it may not return! So don't miss it:)

"THE BASKET" - Available Thursday, March 12th at 5pm (est) only at


I also wanted to create a BLOB shirt and poster inspired by the 1980's remake. but I didn't want to use any certain direct images from the movie. So I thought it would be fun to create a fake 80's sequel to the remake, and call it "THE BLOB LIVES" 

Here's the shirt, which is printed on our soft 100% cotton Midnight Navy blue shirts, and it features a few helpless victims being absorbed by the acidic blob!

"THE BLOB LIVES"  Available Thursday, March 12th at 5 pm (est) only at

Now for the poster; I wanted to try some brand new techniques and experiment with a few things on this poster design which took me directly out of my comfort zone, which is fun, but also scary when you have no idea where to go with the piece! But after long hours and no sleep, I figured it out and learned so many new things that I can apply to future posters. It came out pretty rad!

The concept of this poster was for it to appear as if a hand was laying on the floor of the movie theater, holding a slime covered ticket stub to the "BLOB LIVES" - But instead of just covering it with red jelly, if you look closely, the shape of the red swirl is the same swirl used in the opening credits of the original BLOB movie back in the 50's! A fun little homage to the timeless original!
Hope you enjoy!

"THE BLOB LIVES" Limited Edition Giclee Poster
17 x 22 inches (will fit any 18x24 frame)
Printed with Archival Inks on Velvet Cotton paper
Signed / Numbered edition of 200


And lastly,
if you pre- ordered one of our "iScream" weekend mystery shirts,
they are currently at the printers, and will be arriving to us later this week, and will ship right away. So keep an eye out for the shipping notification / tracking via email. Thank you for making it an awesome first WEEKEND MYSTERY! we plan to do that again at some point.

*There will be only a few remaining sizes left that will hit the store at the end of March,, so if you missed the initial release, you'll have a second chance to snag it. BUT, there will only be a a few sizes overstocked, so it will be extremely limited and will vanish fast. Stay tuned.

- Aaron Crawford + Ricki Kelly

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