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Hey friends!

Pop open a cold one, grab your surfboard, and ride the giant wave of blood, tasty snacks, and 80's nostalgia cause myself and artist friend Jeremy Townsend are bringing you this monstrous summertime T-shirt on Thursday, August 27th at 5pm (est) and it's a little bonkers! I say bonkers because we managed to fill a giant blood and meat filled wave with all sorts of our our favorite junkfood items and some other little nostalgic gems that a raging booze fueled surfer Gremlin in the moonlight might enjoy as well. Right?! Right! Because monsters go on vacation, too!

"BLOODSURF" goes on sale on AUGUST 27th at 5pm (est) on Cavitycolors and is featured on GUYS & GIRLS fit T-shirts! All very limited supply. Once they sell out, they are gone forever! Also, we are gearing up for an onslaught of new FALL / Halloween releases that are sure to blow the skin off of your face. But more on that later!

Also available on August 27th will be the "MIDNIGHT X-RAY" 5 inch wide, high quality Emrbroidered patch with an iron-on backing. ( Limited Edition of only 100 ) 


Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter to get notified right when it drops tomorrow! SURFS UP, GREMLINS! Please share!

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