CYBER HELL - Black Friday is almost here...

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Our MASSIVE annual CYBER HELL "Black Friday" sale begins this Thursday. November 26th at 11:59 PM (east coast time) 

There will be some crazy store wide discounts, some free shipping, and other surprises on our site that will last ALL WEEKEND, and until Monday night at 11:59 PM (est).

It's gonna be pretty nuts. Stay home and support your favorite independent companies this holiday season. You won't have to wish for a chainsaw to cut everyone out of your way in a store, which is always good. AND, every little bit helps us grow to continue providing awesome horror merchandise for you all to enjoy :) This will be our biggest sale of the year, so don't miss it!

DETAILS on the discounts and more will be revealed on Thursday night at 11:59 PM (east coast time) when the sale launches HERE on our site. Until then, get some milk and cookies and watch a monster flick!

And also, spread the word with your friends! We wanna make this HUGE, and word of mouth is super important for companies like us, especially letting your friends know that they will be able to get some crazy deals from our site that way they won't be sad if they miss it, because sad friends are no good. And it sucks when friends cry blood. And also, we wanna make this HUGE like Santa's fake belly. So, with that said, please share on social media. Everything helps!


We love you.

- Aaron & Ricki

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