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Hello boils & ghouls,
It's that time again! Our annual BLACK FRIDAY aka CYBER HELL sale is upon us, which means you really don't have to leave your house and deal with the utter madness of humanity that strangles each other for a television, you can simply surf the magical waves of the internet over to HERE, our website that you are currently on, and get some crazy insane deals! 
The madness begins THURSDAY at 11:59 PM (east coast time) - which is 8:59 PM for our west coast friends.
Get the details here:
We are also bringing back not one, but TWO of our most requested designs as T-shirts (guys & girls) and Baseball Tees! (all discounts will apply to these as well) 
Stay tuned, friends! 
It's gonna be CYBER HELL!
- Aaron & Ricki

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