We create collectible items that are dripping in horror nostalgia!
Like many of you, we live for Halloween and Horror all year long.
Our brand mission is to share our collective passion for all things spooky with each & every high quality item we create. We hope you enjoy!


Aaron Crawford
Co-Founder, Creative Director, Designer, Werewolf
Growing up on a heavy diet of Godzilla movies and VHS horror, his love of the genre spills over into each and every item created for Cavitycolors. He has an extensive background in T-shirt design, having worked on merchandise for such labels as Warner Bros, Relapse Records, Metalblade Records, & more. He collects horror toys, scours thrift store shelves for VHS gems, and loves cuddling with a boston terrier named Ruby.

Ricki Crawford
Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer, Witchy Woman
She has an extensive background in handmade goods, candle making, painting, and years of experience in customer service and company / business management. She also has an undying love for all things Halloween. When she's not working, you'll find her at the gym, riding her bike, knitting, drawing and cuddling with two boston terriers, Ruby and Gizmo. The first scary movie that scarred her as a child is Troll 2. Her current favorite movie is The Witch by Robert Eggers. 

Patti Crawford
Business, Legal Affairs, Art fiend
Patti Crawford, the mom of Aaron Crawford, handles many of the behind the scenes management aspects of Cavitycolors. She's a lifelong creator and entrepreneur, with an Associates Degree in Business Management and Marketing. She is a lover of all things Halloween, art, and her pupper, Jojo. 

Henry Chapman
Director of Operations, Kaiju Wrangler
Henry is a movie lover, estate sale enthusiast, and advocate for the rights of gigantic city-destroying monsters. He joined CavityColors in 2018 and has been performing unspeakably evil rituals of the night ever since, In fact, the rituals have only become less speakable.

Isabella Hinojosa
Fulfillment Team Member, Crocodile Catcher
Isabella has a limit to how scary of a movie she can watch - but somehow she can tolerate the most incredibly devastating real-life documentaries of all time. Her phobias include: crocodiles, sharks, big houses, road rage, and forgetting to turn off the gas stove.


Chief Morale Officer, Director of Borks, Extraterrestrial
Ruby makes sure things get done around the office, and with fervor. She's an all-around great gal, and smells like maple syrup! When she isn't at work, you can find her bathing in the sun, watching X-files, or tossing around her toys. Betchya you want her toys, and you can't have 'em! Also, she sends quarterly reports of human activity to her headquarters in the galaxy.

Devon Whitehead
Lead Designer, Illustrator, Tape-head
Practically raised in a video store, Devon grew up on horror films on VHS and was obsessed with their cover art.  After graduating from Otis College of Art and Design, he began a career designing cover art for countless horror films, posters, and much more. He's the wizard behind many of the full color, painterly apparel designs for Cavitycolors. He hoards Horror VHS, does figure drawing frequently, and has a massive Gizmo, Freddy and Chucky collection. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Hillary White
Illustrator, Street Cat Enthusiast
She grew up in mid coast Maine in a wave of ‘80s pop culture; video games, vhs movies, horror, music, action figures, and cartoons. From an early age she had a proclivity toward drawing and painting, make-believe, and anything a little creepy-the book Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and the USA Network’s “Saturday Nightmares” were especially influential (horrifying). She’s been creating shirt designs since 2009 and has been getting spooky with team CavityColors since 2015.


 Branch Manager, Head of Security, Mogwai 
Gizmo was born for Halloween - literally. His birthday is 10-31-19! He is always on guard to defend the Cavity Crew against ghosts, goblins and killer klowns. His favorite things to do is eat, toot and give out kisses. Don't let his gruff nature fool ya! He's hard and tuff on the outside but a big cuddle bug when you get to know him.


by Aaron Crawford

Growing up, I was heavily into horror movies, Goosebumps books, metal music, skateboarding, and all things Halloween. I slowly became more and more intrigued and obsessed with the mind bending artwork that accompanied all of it. After years of doodling little monsters and copying Pushead skulls in my notebook, I decided to post a few sketches on Myspace (lol) - And soon after, I was contacted by a local band who were in need of T-shirt designs. So I buckled down, stayed up until sunrise, and taught myself some basic Photoshop skills and created my first ever clothing designs. From there, what was once a hobby, snowballed into a full-time job designing bold and colorful art for t-shirts, cd packaging, posters, and other merchandise for local and internationally recognized metal bands.
In May of 2012, after years of designing freelance, I decided to change paths and take my own personal horror art, and release it as affordable shirts and prints under the name CAVITYCOLORS.
(A name coined from the idea of vibrant colors drawing you in to view something that may be horrific or unsettling in subject matter)

Since 2012, Cavitycolors has become an internationally recognized brand, with collaborations with some of the leading artists and designers working today, while also acquiring licensing rights to produce official merchandise for film, toys, and much more.
We're always on a quest down a path lined with glowing pumpkins, seeking that exact same nostalgic feeling we all felt as a kid discovering our favorite things for the very first time. This inspiration spills over the items that we create for our brand. We're here to bring you the same feeling you get while watching a favorite monster movie after midnight, or throwing on your favorite Halloween costume to go trick 'r treating! We're incredibly humbled to have customers and supporters from around the world who share the same passion for all things spooky and weird, and we can't thank you enough for the ongoing support. Without you, none of this would be possible. WE <3 YOU!