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    BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR collection!

    Hello Boils & Ghouls!
    We're incredibly excited to share the sequel to our RE-ANIMATOR collection, with none other than brand new officially licensed BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR items! This sequel is chocked full of plenty of laughs, an all star cast, and over the top special FX to impress any seasoned horror fan. It's truly an underrated title, and we're honored to present to you the first of many official products inspired by the film. Also look out for more RE-ANIMATOR items coming your way this Summer!

    Get the details here:


    GHOST FACE® collectors box, coming Spring 2017!

    We can finally share this exciting news with you all!

    Coming Spring 2017!
    We're bringing you the first ever official GHOST FACE® Enamel Pin collectors box! The Icon of Halloween® is a staple in horror and pop culture, and is arguably one of the most iconic and recognizable masks of all time. Upon sight, it truly invokes a feeling of terror and eeriness not captured by other Halloween masks.

    We've worked with Fun World / Easter Unlimited and R.J. Torbert directly to design this collectors set for the most die-hard GHOST FACE fan, and to provide a perfect little collectors piece that can be worn on your lapel, or displayed in your collection.

    The collectors box will include 5 EXCLUSIVE pins:

    • *MOVABLE* Stab pin
    • The infamous GHOST FACE *SPOOF* mask
    • The iconic Blood Drip GHOST FACE
    • Silver Metallic GHOST FACE
    • *GLOW IN THE DARK* Ghost Face

    Limited to 1,000 boxes worldwide - and will never return again after sell out.

    We'll also be releasing other color ways and variants throughout the year outside of the box set. RELEASE DATE and more DETAILS will be revealed in the coming days.

    Stay tuned to our Instagram and Twitter for more! 

      ROB ZOMBIE - Enamel Pin collection - SERIES 1!

      Hello Boils & Ghouls!
      We have a special release coming tomorrow here at Cavitycolors, and we're excited to share the spooky details with you!

      Tomorrow, we'll be unleashing the first ever *official* line of ROB ZOMBIE collectible ENAMEL PINS. 💀 SERIES 1 is available this THURSDAY, MARCH 30th - 5 PM (east coast time) - So set your reminders accordingly. These are *FIRST PRESSINGS* and we'll only re-stock the most requested pins once they sell out, so please keep that in mind. 

      SERIES 1 (of many) contains 5 COLLECTIBLE ENAMEL PINS + DOUBLE SIDED BACKING CARDS inspired by some of our favorite ROB ZOMBIE lyrics and iconic horror imagery. As a gigantic fan of Rob and his work as a musician and director, we are incredibly honored to bring these to life and share them with you, our amazing Cavity Collectors!

      NIGHTBREED collection - Coming Spring 2017!

      A new reason to fear the night. 

      💀 Coming SPRING 2017 - We'll be unleashing an officially licensed collection based on Clive Barker's timeless masterpiece, NIGHTBREED.

      This exclusive collection will contain:

      • Apparel
      • an extended line of Enamel Pins
      • Turntable Slipmats

      Plus other collectible items throughout the year, designed by an incredible roster of artists that we will reveal in the coming weeks.

      I can tell you: Much like Dr. Decker's blade, this one's gonna be fierce. We couldn't be more excited to explore this incredible underworld of monsters and savagery, and share it with you all. We hope you're as excited as we are for the first of many official collections based on this timeless film's imagery, characters, and mythology.

      Keep your eyes on instagram.com/cavitycolors and stay tuned for previews in the coming weeks here.