Over the past few months, we have been a target of wide scale impersonation ads via Facebook and Instagram, claiming to be CAVITYCOLORS. These ads appear to offer shirts for sale at an extreme, unrealistic discount like $3.99, $1.99, etc. The origins of these ads can always be traced back to locations outside of the US, and they seemingly appear on a daily basis.

👉 Read below for details to look out for. We are working with our legal team to have these ads and fake sites removed literally on a daily basis, and as quick as possible. It’s truly an uphill battle, and we’ll need you all to stay vigilant and aware of what to look out for as well. Share this far and wide!



👀 I’ve outlined things here to look out for to make sure you don’t fall victim. They are not only impersonating us, but also many other brands you’re probably familiar with.

👉 Logos! Many of these ads include the CAVITYCOLORS logo alongside some other recognizable logo like “Marshall’s” or “Target” which is a dead giveaway. With wording like “limited time event” or “big savings” or “special offer”

👉 If the price is too good to be true, it is a scam. We would NEVER sell a shirt for 3.99. It’s just not realistic, and prices like that are a dead giveaway that it’s a scam. The intent is to make the offer SO good that you check out, causing your credit card information to be stolen.

👉 Make sure to look closely at the website URL. The appearance of the website is one thing and may appear similar, but you can tell the url is not associated at all with us, or will simply be some weird variation of a familiar name. Broken English will also appear in some areas.

👉 If one of these ads comes across your feeds, please block and report the post and the account directly, so it immediately stops appearing in your feed.

We truly hope this clears up some of the confusion about what these ads are, and how to avoid being scammed. Many thanks to everyone for your support, we truly appreciate it!

- Aaron Crawford 🎃
Co Founder, Creative Director