This Wednesday at 5 PM EST, we’re kicking off our GODZILLA Legacy Series with the one that started it all, GODZILLA 1954!
We’re very excited to finally reveal our officially licensed tees, deluxe GLOW IN THE DARK long sleeves featuring some of the most iconic elements from the original film, GLOW IN THE DARK jogger sweatpants, classic tie dye tees, and more!
As soon as we knew we’d be doing the GODZILLA series, we thought to ourselves - in a nearly 70 year history spanning dozens of movies, where better to kick things off than at the very source of it all? This 1954 masterpiece is a haunting, awe-inspiring monster of film history. It’s scarier than you remember, sadder than you’re ready for, and more influential than virtually any of its peers. Setting aside the decades-long global icon/franchise that it created, this movie (and its special effects work in particular) birthed an entire new genre of film altogether.
GODZILLA (1954) sometimes gets swallowed in the Godzilla of it all - so we wanted to make sure to pay tribute to this film in particular, with references to some of our favorite scenes and images. We sincerely hope you're as excited as we are for this first of many launches featuring the KING OF THE MONSTERS!