PUPPET MASTER capsule collection. June 1st!

Hello boils & ghouls!
TOMORROW, we're incredibly honored to work with Full Moon Features to bring you a special capsule collection inspired by one of the most successful, and ambitious independent horror franchises ever, PUPPET MASTER!

Charles Band's PUPPET MASTER was released in the Fall of 1989, and quickly dominated the home-video market. In the days where VHS reigned supreme, a film like PUPPET MASTER didn't need an expensive theatrical release. Much like Basket Case and many other successful indie horror films of that era, the video store shelves allowed the film to be easily discovered and enjoyed and a massive scale. The wide success of the original film spawned 12 sequels, official toys, and much much more.

This officially licensed capsule collection includes a brand new, beautifully rendered T-shirt designed by Devon Whitehead. Limited to 400 only, and will NEVER be reprinted once it sells out. Also, for the first time ever, 5 official PUPPET MASTER collectible enamel pins featuring the first 5 puppets that started it all, direct from Toulon's workshop. Limited to 500 sets worldwide.

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