ROB ZOMBIE - Enamel Pin collection - SERIES 1!

Hello Boils & Ghouls!
We have a special release coming tomorrow here at Cavitycolors, and we're excited to share the spooky details with you!

Tomorrow, we'll be unleashing the first ever *official* line of ROB ZOMBIE collectible ENAMEL PINS. 💀 SERIES 1 is available this THURSDAY, MARCH 30th - 5 PM (east coast time) - So set your reminders accordingly. These are *FIRST PRESSINGS* and we'll only re-stock the most requested pins once they sell out, so please keep that in mind. 

SERIES 1 (of many) contains 5 COLLECTIBLE ENAMEL PINS + DOUBLE SIDED BACKING CARDS inspired by some of our favorite ROB ZOMBIE lyrics and iconic horror imagery. As a gigantic fan of Rob and his work as a musician and director, we are incredibly honored to bring these to life and share them with you, our amazing Cavity Collectors!